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I am very excited and delighted that I will be launching my second EP on the 22nd March at the lovely Miss Peapods Penryn in Cornwall. Miss Peapod’s reputation just grows and grows. It has become a very prestigious venue and has hosted some of the best touring acts from the UK and world wide. Playing on the night will be legendary Cornish acoustic act and last years “What’s on awards Best Male” Gareth Lee, performing in his own inimitable way. Gareth plays from the heart, his lyrics echo this. Gareth deservedly commands a large local following. His tight yet funky guitar technique perfectly compliments his smooth vocals. I feel very privileged he has agreed to be a part of my launch. Everybody loves Gareth. To have Annie Baylis Gray perform also is the icing on the cake. Her brilliant violin playing and hauntingly beautiful vocals makes her a very sought after artist on the acoustic scene.

Tom Gall will also be gracing us with his presence. What can I say about Tom? Well, he’s original, unique, eccentric, quirky and lyrically driven. He gives a high energy performance (especially in a band situation) he can be seen singing and dancing, not uncommonly on top of a speaker. It never ceases to amaze me the difference in energy levels offstage where he can be lethargically horizontal on a sofa watching endless episodes of Poirot - “I often worry about Tom” - Louise Gall. Haha

Anyone who goes out and supports local live music will have most likely encountered these three and know that they are amazing acts well worth supporting.

I shall be performing a mixture of songs old and new. I think my latest material shows additional new musical influences across different genres. I feel very fortunate to have been hanging and playing with some awesome musicians over the last year.

Advance tickets will be available soon. 

Lots of love 

Saskia X 

I signed up to Tumblr when I was about 14 and had never really used it…. So I thought I might as well put it to some use. From now on my tumblr is some kind of music blog so if you care you can have a read of my posts and find out exactly what goes on in my Bohemian lifestyle.

Sadly I had to cancel a gig in Exeter, Launceston, and appearing on a radio show this weekend (due to illness) 

Nevertheless I will be supporting the amazing Brother and Bones at Mama Stones on the 29th October in Exeter. I am very excited for this. (But not before I play at a wake on Tuesday but I won’t bore you with the details)

If you could follow me on here so I don’t feel like I am typing to myself that would be grand. 

Saskia x